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Remain in your zone of genius
by leveraging the support of an OBM!

Online business management services for Creative Entrepreneurs,
Interior Designers, Builders, Contractors, Architects and more!


  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and know you can make more traction with some help

  • You need a leader for your team that can help with daily operations

  • The idea of someone having your back sounds freakin' AMAZING!

  • You have new products, services, or platforms you would like to launch, but don't have the capacity to start

  • You would LOVE the ability to take a day or two off and still keep the wheels turning

  • You need systems, processes, and structure that will increase scalability

  • You need a project management professional that can oversee the big picture and portfolio of projects


Tactical Admin (3).png

What are clients saying?

"There are not enough words in the English language to express my gratitude for Tracie and her team. On the first day of working together, she said, "Invite me to your google drive, and I will take a peak and figure it out.' I was shocked at her ability to take my extraordinarily disorganized and confusing process and decode it without much help. Not only that, but I am always searching for ways to improve my business, and that means a lot of change. She takes everything in stride and assists me in process improvement by asking the right questions and creating an organized structure for my creative, entrepreneurial brain. She is firm while being kind with her guidance which is the perfect combination for a project manager & OBM. She is indispensable, and I am confident she could help anybody improve any aspect of their business. Her work ethic outshines most, and whenever I speak about her and her team, I say, 'She is the best hire & decision I have ever made for this or any company I have owned.' I hope to have her a part of my life and business for a long time. Thank you Tracie!"

-Gemma Scurich, Premier Remodel & Design

"We asked Tracie to jump in to help us with some urgent projects that needed closing. She came in and added value immediately with a can-do attitude. She's very organized, has great design and construction experience, and also has provided great thought leadership on our team for how we can improve overall processes."

-Cameron Huber, Made Renovation


  • Hiring / Managing Team

  • SOP Development

  • Metric Tracking

  • Document Control Structure

  • Templates

  • Tool/Platform Selection & Onboarding

  • Daily Operations Point Person

  • Strategy Partner

  • Launch Planning & Managing

  • Website Update or Redesign Oversight

  • Client Document Design

  • Team Cross Training

  • Portfolio Management

  • Master Scheduling

  • Project Scheduling

  • Procurement Support / Tracking

  • Client Updates

  • Contractor/Subcontractor Coordination

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Cost Tracking

  • Change Order Management

  • RFIs, RFPs, SOV Billing Reviews

  • Scope Oversight

  • Reporting

Doing it all on your own can slow down progress, prohibit scalability, and damage profit potential.


  • Day Rate

    1 Day OBM Consulting Intensive
    Valid for one week
    • Virtual OBM Support & Consulting - 1 Day (up to 6 hours)
  • Silver

    Every month
    Up to 20 hours/month Online Business Management
    • Two 30 minute sync/strategy calls per month
    • Additional hours $85/hr
  • Gold

    Every month
    Up to 40 hours/month Online Business Management
    • Weekly 30 minute sync/strategy call
    • Email support during PST business hours (4hr response time)
    • Additional hours $80/hr

Monthly retainer plans are perfect when you need extended or ongoing support with anything from operations strategy, help managing your team, project management, and more.

A limited number of these exclusive retainer packages are available each month.


Please be sure to schedule a free discovery call if you need help determining the best package for your needs, if we are an aligned fit, and what our current availability is. Remember... I'll be serving as your right hand gal, so let's make sure we are a good match.


  1. LET'S CHAT - Book your no obligation free discovery call here, choosing a time that suits you best.

  2. QUESTIONNAIRE - Complete the questionnaire so we can learn a little more about you, your business, and maximize our time together during the call.

  3. MEET - The Zoom link will be in the meeting invite. You'll give us your big picture vision for your business and tell us your pain points. We'll help you understand how Online Business Management will work for you, During the call we’ll both decide if we’ll become business besties or part ways with no hard feelings.

  4. PICK A SERVICE PACKAGE - I’ll send you my recommendations and options for going forward so you can choose which suits your business best, then I’ll send your Letter of Agreement and we can get started,

  5. DIVE INTO YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS - You'll be hearing “let me take care of that for you” and you'll receive a solid roadmap with structure for moving forward. On top of that you'll be gaining a solid business buddy to help you grow and bounce ideas off of. Everything we do is tailored exclusively for your business - no cookie cutter systems here.


Contracting me as your online business manager, means just one flat rate.

  • No overheads of recruitment costs, setting up a desk or office space, and no workers compensation.

  • No need to worry about providing me with a computer, phone, or other equipment.

  • I’m contracted to manage your projects just for the time you need and I work virtually from my own office.

  • You can be anywhere in the world, as we communicate via phone, email, zoom, slack, google docs, dropbox etc - however you prefer. (See other programs I am familiar with below)

  • Being based in California, USA, I generally work during PST business hours, but I can be flexible if you’re in a different time zone.

  • Choose the package that suits your needs best, or if you’re not sure, lets have a chat so I can find out what your goals are and suggest the best option for you.

Tactical Admin (3).png


If you do not see your platforms listed below, please do not hesitate to ask. I learn very quickly and I am very resourceful, I do not shy away from new technologies. Most PM platforms are similar, you just have to get familiar with the navigation. If you are having a hard time finding the right platforms to use, I can help you assess that.

  • Google Drive & Tools

  • Microsoft Office

  • Outlook

  • Microsoft Project

  • SharePoint


  • Design Files

  • MyDoma Studio

  • Trello

  • Asana

  • QuickBooks Online

  • Zoom

  • BuilderTrend

  • GanttPro

  • Klaviyo

  • MailChimp

  • ConvertKit

  • Canva

  • PicMonkey

  • Slack

  • Calendly

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • LightRoom

  • Social Scheduling Tools

  • Etsy

  • WIX

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