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Get tactical in your life and work! This is the planner you have been dreaming of and it's at a reduced cost to get you through the rest of 2023!


How many things are you trying to keep track of as a working woman with a family?!?! ALL THE THINGS... am I right!


I have always been a hybrid user of a physical planner and tech. I like keeping some things pencil to paper and tracking appointments with outside resources digitally. The key to organization is finding a system that works for you and then using it regulary.


I am a master organizer, creative, and project management professional who has NEVER been able to find a planner that fits all of my needs. So, what does a creative business woman do.... she CREATES it of course! Then she shares it with other women to hopefully help make their lives easier.


-->That's what women do, we lend a hand out and help our sisters thrive in success when we find the shortcuts!


Over the years I've created systems to help me find success in all areas of life so that I could continue using my gifts to be a high-volume, successful woman. My planner includes all of my tools.

You will find:

  • Dated Pages for Easy Use
  • Daily Gratitude Space
  • Daily Empowerment | Inspiration | Prayer Space
  • Monthly Empowerment Quotes
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Annual Holiday Calendar
  • Birthdays & Anniversarys Tracker
  • Password Tracker
  • Home Maintenance
  • House Keeping Schedules
  • Weekly Meal Planning Sheets w/ How-Tos
  • Personal Monthly Budget Tracker Worksheets
  • Macro Calculator Sheets to help you with nutrition goals
  • Fitness Measurement Tracker Sheets
  • Tactical Goal Mastery Worksheets & Instructions
  • Mind Mapping & Brainstorm Sheets
  • Morning & Evening Routine Tracker
  • Monthly High-Level Focus Worksheet to stay on target!
  • Daily Schedules - Start at 4am and End at 8pm
  • Daily Water, Nutrition, Fitness, Female Cycle Tracking
  • Task Management Organized for Multiple Projects or Clients


My planner was designed for a two page per day spread to include the Daily Schedule alongside the Daily Task Manager. When you purchase this download, we will include instructions for best use and printing options.


This is a full color pdf instant download file for your use, to print months as needed or extra worksheet pages as needed. I suggest purchasing a 3 Ring Binder and Divider Pages separately. I will note my favorites in the instructions with the download.

Tactical Living & Working Planner PDF

$33.37 Regular Price
$16.69Sale Price
  • This is the planner you have been dreaming of and it's at a reduced cost to get you through the rest of 2023! Tools to help you manage life and work in one place!

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